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Date: 2009-02-27 11:03
Subject: FAIL
Security: Public
I'm feeling:Scatterbrained
I'm listening to:Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Ok, so I've not been around for a while... sorry, my real life just completely exploded, so I've not had much free time that wasn't about doing writeups/going to concerts/networking/taking photos/editing photos/researching sxsw artists/etccccc.

Aaaand, I really only dropped by to *sadface* about the fact that I got an invite to an open-bar event at Angels & Kings (PWentz's place in NYC, for those who have no idea)on my birthday, and I can't go because, well, I'm in Texas, and not sufficiently sucessful to hop on a plane for a party. Sigh.

But SXSW is coming up, and that's gonna be sweet! Got a band from the UK crashing with me, and hopefully I'll score some awesome interviews.

I'll try to poke my head in here more often after South-by is over.

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Date: 2008-11-10 11:34
Subject: blergh........
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I'm feeling:groggygroggy
I'm listening to:Kings of Leon - On Call
At times I feel like in social interactions I'm about 15, but this weekend I was totally 27 or so, what with the heavy drinking and afterparties. Fun Fun Fun Fest was this weekend, and it was totally awesome. I had a media wristband, which = free alcohol AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

I think that with any- and everyone in and around the music industry, drinking is totally a competitive endurance sport. I got to the park at 1pm, was drinking 'til 1:30am, and I know people who were much more hardcore than me. That's all I have to say about that.

So, yeah. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the National, Deerhoof, Z-Trip, Islands, St Vincent, Minus the Bear, Octopus Project, the Annuals, Frightened Rabbit, Til We're Blue or Destroy, and many many more. It was definitely fun times at least three, if not more, and I got some killer photos.

But right now, I feel I may die.
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Date: 2008-11-06 09:11
Subject: blergh
Security: Public
I'm feeling:exhaustedexhausted
I'm listening to:Ray LaMontagne - Jolene
I'm at a point in my life where I'm sorta worried about my liver. In the past 30 days, I've gone out at least 22 of them, maybe more. You have no idea how many events/shows/parties I've attended with open bars. There's another tonight.

I've seen some great bands, had some really fun times, and made connections that'll hopefully end up getting me a kickass job. I'm about to start writing for a music blog that gets over 20,000 hits a month.

But guys, I'm really fucking tired. Waking up at 7 for work at 8 after getting to bed anywhere from 1-3 is just not sustainable forever.

Ok, enough bitching already, I know. Here, have some artistic and strange insect porn. It is a series of shorts from the Sundance Channel, and is just hilarious.
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Date: 2008-10-21 14:08
Subject: Feeling 13 again...
Security: Public
I'm feeling:embarrassedembarrassed
I'm listening to:not telling!
There is pretty much universal agreement that having a crush on someone totally out of your league (whether by fame, talent, looks, whatever) is generally a miserable state, right?

So, if you actually get a chance to talk with this shining example of your inadequacy and they turn out to to be a deep, thoughtful, genuinely sweet person, does that make it better or worse? Vindication that you'd never have a chance and you should attempt to move on, or feeding the obsession with proof that they really are worthy of the crush?

In other words, dude I am so pitiful omg.
But he's preeeeeeetty! And jesusfuck, his voice! *whimpers*

I want him to come back from tour so I can run into him again and discover he's actually an asshole. It'd make me feel better.

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Date: 2008-09-07 15:21
Subject: Photoshop
Security: Public
I'm feeling:crankycranky
I'm listening to:Shearwater - Rooks
Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a Photoshop DL? I had it, and then it expired and the serial number generator thing I had didn't help... *sadface*

I don't do torrents, though, so I'd need to find someone hosting it somewhere.

Also, randomly! I don't know how guys deal with short hair, because I got mine cut yesterday, and the hair barely poking the back of my neck when I tilt my head back is DRIVING ME MAD.
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Date: 2008-08-26 02:18
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
I'm feeling:sicksick
I'm listening to:Lemurs - Waiting Outside
Guys, I love Austin. Where else can you go to a venue for an awesome awesome Monday night show and run into Britt Daniels of Spoon? And say "Hey, didn't I see you on Thursday at that one show? And I totally ran into you during SXSW!" and hang out and chat about local music for a while.


In other news, am sick and shouldn't have gone out, but I've been looking forward to this show for a while and wasn't about to let a little old hacking-up-a-lung cough stop me from enjoying some kickass music. And I ran into so many people I knew, damn. Big names in the Austin music scene, and just great musicians. Was a great night, though I'll be regretting it in the morning.

Tell me about your life! How have you been, ppl on my flist? I've been reading, and occasionally commenting, but perpetual lack of sleep has made me generally incoherent, so I haven't been posting much of anything.
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Date: 2008-08-13 09:04
Subject: musicmusicmusic
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I'm feeling:tiredtired
I'm listening to:Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside the Womb
GODDAMMIT. I bought tix for a local show recently, b/c it is the band's album release party and you got a free album with ticket purchase. And I get an email today forwarded from my boss from the band offering us guestlist spots and a free copy of the album b/c of the whole radio station thing.


In other news, life continues to contain a mix of boredom, insane multitasking, and not enough sleep.

Oh, and. This guy I know and am friends with will not get the hint that I don't want to go out with him. It sucks because he's also a business contact, so I have to be veeery careful not to burn bridges.


For a random music rec, check out Titus Andronicus. Post-punk rockers with some shoegaze elements and a singer's voice that reminds you of an angry Conor Oberst, these guys absolutely kill live (if you've seen HEALTH live, these guys are better than HEALTH). Their album, The Airing of Grievances, is pretty much aces, and I hope they start getting the buzz they deserve soon.
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Date: 2008-07-30 08:53
Subject: (no subject)
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I'm feeling:blahblah
I'm listening to:Tilly and the Wall - Pot Kettle Black
*checks email*
*checks Facebook*
*checks MySpace*
*reads flist*
*notices she hasn't posted to LJ in weeks-n-weeks*
*clicks Post, and is suddenly without things to say*

So... how's life?

My concert lineup for August/September so far (which means that at least 8-10 more shows will inevitably pop up): Earlimart, Thao With the Get Down Stay Down, Nellie McKay, A Place to Bury Strangers, Bitter:Sweet, Xiu Xiu, Reggie and the Full Effect (with Leathermouth), Pompeii, Oxford Collapse, Haunting Oboe Music, Black and White Years, Lymbic System, Shearwater, White Ghost Shivers, Lemurs, Mogwai, Ratatat, Silver Jews, Stereolab, ACL, ACL, ACL, Federico Aubele.

In other stuff, I'm all melancholy. Sigh. But I've got a kickass new henna design on right now, so yaye for that!
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Date: 2008-07-07 19:06
Subject: Memeage
Security: Public
I'm feeling:amusedamused
I'm listening to:Beck - Volcano
I've been crazy busy, so likely y'all don't really know all the insanity I've been up to. Here's a bit. Feel free to ask me any random questions you get the urge to, if you're bored or something.

You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

MEMECollapse )

PS That new Beck album is really fucking awesome.
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Date: 2008-06-23 12:53
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
I'm feeling:frustratedfrustrated
I'm listening to:Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips

OMG, so much stress guys. Why does life always get crazy the day after I totally didn't get enough sleep? This always seems to happen... get in from a show downtown at 3am, head into work at 7:45am, and watch life explode.


In other news, BBB is done, and, um. I don't really have much to read, b/c I was devouring the fic as it rolled in. I guess I'll have to check out the other fandom Big Bangs that are also dropping stories right now... darn the luck. *g*
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